Inbound Telemarketing

Turning Call Volume Into Sales Volume

GMG turns up the volume of your marketing efforts, maximizing prospect conversion through inbound telemarketing support. Whether the plan is for 1,000 calls or 10,000, our operators are ready to turn call volume into sales volume.  Applying meticulous planning, we ensure we can capture each lead, order, pledge or donation quickly and accurately. Whether you need telecommunication or telecenter services, or both, GMG can manage these efforts while offering competitive pricing.

Telecommunications Services

  • Complete toll-free numbers initiation and distribution – once your toll free advertising numbers are obtained through GMG, those numbers are yours to take (port) with you.
  • Call routing – from beginning to end, we can route your incoming calls any way you desire – having them point to a telecenter operation, directly to your offices, or a combination of both driven by time of day.
  • Call recording – from the first ring to the last good-bye, GMG can provide complete call recording – regardless of how the call is routed or transferred – available on demand.
  • Call reporting – GMG can configure and customize your call reporting in almost any way you can think of to ask for it. Whether it’s by line usage, by call disposition, by caller attribute, or by line, we can show it and provide dashboard reports that are meaningful in helping you understand how your business is doing. Reports come in a variety of formats and can be delivered automatically or can be accessed 24/7 via a live web portal.

Telecenter Services

  • 24/7 Call answering for lead validity BEFORE it reaches your location.
  • Scripting services based on client information and need.
  • “Warm” (live) transfer that is seamless to the caller.  Message taking as necessary.
  • “Hot” (instant) email notification accompanying transferred calls, providing all caller contact data and areas of interests.
  • Reporting capabilities with website portal for live call activities including usage, graphs, call disposition information, and more.
  • Software development for custom call applications.
  • Call recordings available upon request (while call resides within the telecenter).
  • Complete call routing as specified by the client.