Lead Tracking & Reporting

Offering Strength in Numbers

In direct marketing, there’s strength in numbers.

Despite this, most media management systems aren’t built to capture and analyze data applying target market intelligence. So, at GMG Marketing we built our own analytics solution to deliver critical data points.

Our proprietary solution, LeadMax, automates and expedites the Direct Response Analysis process, using satellite, telephony and web-based technology. Applying cross-channel analysis, we measure the interaction of various media channels to understand how they impact one another and affect your prospect’s behavior.

Launched in 2007, LeadMax had processed 1 Million spots and 275,000 leads for our clients by January  2012

Looking at numerous metrics, such as path-to-conversion, we identify which elements of the communication mix work best to quickly and efficiently move your prospects through the buying process. Using this information to fine-tune marketing efficiency, we increase your lead volume and return on your investment.

The result is optimal investment of your marketing budget and a competitive edge that is necessary to rise above your competition.