Multi-channel Media Buying

Integrating Direct Response Across Media Channels

Whether you are a large corporation with multiple locations or a smaller single-market operation, GMG can help you streamline your process, save time and seamlessly integrate media planning, multi-channel media buying, creative production and allocation of your budget. Our services include:

  • Local and National Media Placement
    • Broadcast TV and Cable
    • Radio
    • Print
    • Direct Mail
  • Online Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Creative Services
  • Product Branding
  • Weekly Reporting & Analysis

Hybrid DRTV Approach

Many agencies profess a “hybrid DRTV” buying approach while in truth, they focus on one or the other. At GMG we have both the experience and the track record of retaining the true objective of lead generation while simultaneously building the brand, increasing name awareness, and bringing your product top of mind to the target audience.

The key is in a cooperative philosophy between direct response principles and image building.  In a hybrid DRTV buying approach, you don’t abandon one for the sake of the other.  Conversely, you utilize each approach in support of one another so that the end result is full brand awareness joined by an increase in sales.  The media buy, creative, and analytics are very different when it comes to DRTV vs. branding.  GMG’s experience, savvy, and comprehensive understanding of the objectives and strategies for both DRTV and image building are what make us industry leaders in the art of lead generation.