Career College Advertising

Applying Equal Measures of Science and Art

GMG understands the intricacies of the career college sector and how it is different from other businesses.

Applying equal measures of science and art, we leverage our exceptional experience in education to help you increase enrollment without increasing costs. We tell you:

  • WHO your Potential Students ARE
  • HOW you WILL REACH them
  • WHEN you WILL REACH them
  • WHERE they WILL SEE you

View this interview with Tammy Quadrini, President and CEO of Griffin Marketing Group to understand more about her approach, philosophies, and ideas with regards to career college advertising.

Monitoring and Tracking

Our proprietary software, LeadMax, was developed specifically to automate and expedite the Direct Response Analysis process. Our system utilizes satellite and web-based technology to track broadcast and lead data daily, providing prior day results such that we can capitalize immediately on the successes of the media buy.

Performance Analysis and Reporting

Quick and accurate data allows us to analyze results in a multitude of ways. Timely performance analyses allow us to fine-tune buying decisions quickly. The result: optimal efficiency of your budget and that competitive edge so necessary in today’s advertising environment.