Report Card

Making the Grade with Clients & Partners


“I’ve had the pleasure of working with GMG since 2nd Quarter of 2010 and quickly learned they bring true meaning to the word “partner”. GMG is professional, responsive, and most importantly manages a client’s money with the same passion and care as if it were their own. We have had the ability to expand our campus locations through our partnership with GMG and we continue to grow. They are strategic and consistent in bringing new and different opportunities in order to continually improve our market presence, rather than simply placing media buys. We are very happy with GMG and would recommend them to anyone looking for a successful, long-lasting business relationship.”

Brian Huff
Midwest Technical Institute


“GMG has serviced the Lincoln account for many years. Most impressive are their reporting capabilities and the detail in which our data is provided. They have the experience necessary to analyze the data and make the appropriate changes to maximize our TV effectiveness. Their customer service and responsiveness to our needs are first-rate. GMG has been an excellent partner to Lincoln.”

Piper Jameson
Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer
Lincoln Educational Services


“It has been a pleasure working with GMG. ‘They are professional; they continuously evaluate the effectiveness of advertising against the plan, and make changes where needed promptly. They are available and responsive, and they do what they commit to. I tested GMG against a strong competitor. They won the contest.”

Carl B. Barney
College America Systems, Inc.


“Griffin Marketing Group has proven to be an excellent partner. It is great to have such a large depth of experience and industry knowledge to utilize in both the short term to forecast the impact of outside influences and in the long term to build our business strategies. GMG is a partner that relieves the stress of worrying about the day to day allowing me the freedom to focus on other areas of

Jason Weissert
Director of Media Management
Westwood College


“We’ve been working with GMG since the inception of our school. While we are a small school, they worked with us to establish an affordable budget, which has helped us grow and prosper. Thanks to GMG our cost per lead is still less than the sector average.”

Jack Takahashi
Milwaukee Career College


“Griffin Marketing Group is the leading direct response career college media management agency today. In a world of agencies “who do it all,” with various levels of dedication and expertise, GMG remains a true specialist dedicated to maximizing broadcast lead production efficiencies. The GMG team combines a highly sophisticated lead tracking system with years of direct response experience to produce results even in the current highly challenging market place.”

Michael J. Cooney
Workforce Communications


“I enjoy working with GMG because of the people I work with. They are extremely professional and care about their clients. They want the right thing for their clients”.

Warren E. Prentice
Account Executive


“I have had the privilege to work with GMG for several years. They know marketing and provide professional strategic and tactical expertise that very few can match. I would recommend them to any company looking to grow their business. GMG’s knowledge and industry experience is vast and has been gained over years of successful implementation. That is why it is such a pleasure to work with them. I look forward to working with them for many years to come.”

Steve Heeringa
Account Executive
KWHS-TV ; Colorado Springs


“GMG is results oriented, organized and provides station partners with the opportunity to work together to the benefit of their clients through good, straightforward communication on objectives and results. While demanding, their goal is the same as ours; to make TV advertising work and establish long term customers”

Greg Armstrong
President and General Manager
KCDO-TV; Denver


“GMG provides excellent stewardship of a client’s business. By closely monitoring schedules as they air, GMG makes sure things are running correctly and delivering results. As a cable representative of 50+ networks they also allow me the flexibility to determine the networks to best reach a specific target audience. GMG is a great partner!”

Teresa Lalley
Account Executive
Comcast Spotlight- Mountain


“ALL of the ladies at GMG I have worked with throughout the past few years have been so professional, cordial and driven. I’m sure that starts with Tammy Quadrini… what a dynamic personality! Every ad agency should be that determined to maximize results, focus on details and still remain a pleasure to partner with. GMG is truly one of the very best I’ve had an opportunity to work with in my lengthy career.”

Dave Claman
Account Executive
Cable One Advertising; Boise


“I’ve been working with GMG for over 5 years now. I’ve always worked with buyers who are very pleasant and detailed oriented. They work hard to make sure their clients are getting new leads every week. They provide very organized buys ensuring everything runs as ordered. I look forward to working with GMG for many more years.”

Meredith Cabral
Account Executive
WPRI-TV; Providence


“I have worked with GMG Marketing for over 3 years now. They are a group of responsible, detail oriented professionals who are fair and always have the client’s best interest in mind. They have worked with me through thick and thin and always come up with a solution that will benefit both the client and the station partnership. They are informed, knowledgeable and experts in the area of direct response advertising. They get results for their clients while valuing the business relationship. I’ve enjoyed working with the agency over the years and look forward to many more successfull years together.”

Raven Clissold
Account Executive
KSTU-TV; Salt Lake City


“Griffin Marketing Group is very professional in the way they conduct business. Unlike some of our agency clients, we never seem to have to ask for traffic instuctions, purchase orders and other pertinent materials imperative to conducting business. If we had it our way, the GMG model would be one we would suggest to any agency looking for a better way to do business.”

Larry R. Polowski
Local Sales Manager
KTRV-TV; Boise


“As the National sales manager as well as GSM, I work with agencies all over the country on a daily basis. I’ve seen the good, the bad and the ugly! I simply don’t see the level of genuine care from other agencies, beyond renewing the business, that I see from GMG. I personally respect and applaud the way they do business and that alone makes me want to do all that I can to help their client succeed.

Mike Horcharik
General/National Sales Manager
WCCU-TV and WRSP-TV; Central Illinois


“I love working with GMG ! They always have “their ducks in a row” when it comes to orders, revisions, and copy instructions! We never have to go behind them and ask for anything. They never just place a schedule and move on. They are always making sure what they do is in the best interest of their client by reviewing the client success throughout the quarter and the year.

Laura Lovejoy
Director of Sales