LeadMax Direct Response Analysis

LeadMax is GMG’s state-of-the-art, proprietary software solution for expediting direct response analysis.

Using satellite and web-based technology to track daily air times and lead data, we can evaluate results quickly on a variety of levels. LeadMax enables comprehensive, next-day performance analyses and the ability to make timely decisions to optimize the efficiency of your media budget.

LeadMax can generate Cost per Lead, Cost per Sale, Cost per Enrollment and Cost per Start data. In addition, it can provide comparative analysis to prior years, when you engage our database development and maintenance services.

Unlike prepackaged lead management tools, LeadMax has no restrictions that limit reporting capabilities. GMG’s proprietary LeadMax software can be configured to meet your unique reporting needs.

Standard Tracking and Reporting

Station Cost per Lead Analysis
Creative CPL Analysis
Discipline-Category  CPL Analysis
Daypart CPL Analysis
CPL by Program Analysis
CPL by Hour Analysis (By station)

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